1. Etching

  2. Sneak Peak 

    Chapter 10

  3. The Caddie Wampus

  4. DIY wrapping paper

    just kidding

    Or…you could if you want. I guess.

  6. Heya!

    The Corcoran Brothers are releasing an EP real soon so check out their stuff here: https://soundcloud.com/thecorcoranbrothers

    This is the cover art I did for them, plus the process we went through to get the final image. 

  8. Figure study

  9. Sketchbook for ink drawing


  10. note to self:

    Get over yourself. You will never be ready. 


    Thank you friends who have made me realize that this special cocoon is just a metaphor for my ass and I should get my head out of it.

  11. Hey there! 

    A little late to the party here but some exciting things have been happening over at —-> http://www.secondchildmusic.com

    So go check it out! Their first EP is officially out, with cover designed by yours truly. 


  13. Author photos are for chumps

    Book 2 is in the works, concept art coming soon!

  14. Detail part 2 of carnivorous flowers

  15. More flowers for my #ink class (detail shot here- the full piece is pretty tall). A garden to represent the late serial killer, H. H. Holmes. #illustration #DevilinTheWhiteCity